Action Scanner PRO - Police Fire and EMS App Reviews

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I love how you can listen to this app in the background and still listen to music as well.

Action scanner pro

After update dec19/14 update2.40.2 cannot load any stations on scanner only2 it came loaded with!!!??? I have a ipad 2 also tools and add stations button do not function?

Same problem as others

Tool and add functions no longer work and Im stuck listening to only 4 stations. Please fix this problem ASAP!

Fun / Plaisant

really fun as apps. However, I would like to have more police channels in the Quebec province.

The best in this category

This app emulates the traditional scanners -- banks of channels, squelch and volume controls for each channel in each bank and many other similar features. You can set up a bank to monitor a particular large event -- by placing all local public safety responders in the same bank. Excellent app.

Waste of money

This scanner does not work. The only department we can pick up is the Chicago police department. Not a single thing in Florida even works. Dont waste your time or money

Love the scan feature.

Truly a great scan app. No hiccups so far.

Best Real Police Scanner

People who used traditional police scanner will appreciate the true scanning of police frequencies. All other scanner apps are simply a gimmick toy, as all you can do is listening to one channel. This one lets you scan up to 6 channels at once. Love this app! Dear Developer, please do update when IOS 8 comes out. Please dont wait too long or abandon your own app. Thank you!!!

Only scanner app that actually scans

If youre looking for a scanner app to allow you to listen to multiple channels at once, then this is the app for you. I have scoured the App Store looking for an app with the ability to scan multiple police and fire channels for awhile now. This app is a must-have if youre into police radio scanners! This is a good app yet it has lots of issues with iOS 6 it closes down or stop scanning channels altogether a lot

Best Online Scanner

This is the best online scanner out there. Multiple stations, very clear, great choices. Dont waste your time and money on the others this one works!

Rip off

Only scans large areas and big cities, nowhere close to where I live. Wasted $3 bucks.

Lost main scanner

The person that provides the feed has stopped. Sedgwick Co. Kansas Law Enforcement. App is worthless now.

This app is a thief!

Useless for local scanning!

Best Scanner in the marketplace. Fixed problem with not running in background.

The Best Scanner in the marketplace. It still is the only one that scans multiple stations at once and bring you whats most relevant of the scans. Had a problem where it would not run in the background anymore after recent update. I fixed this problem by deleting the app entirely and re-installing it. Now it runs in the background again. I have not updated to I OS 8, Im still running I OS 7.

Amazing app with huge iPhone 6/iOS 8.1.1 Bug

I am unable to activate the "bank" and configuration options at the bottom row. I can see the options but nothing happens when touched. I suspect the problem is only happening on the iOS 8 since it works on my iPhone 4s (iOS 7.1.1) Also doesnt work on iPad Air. Both devices are using iOS 8.1.1 Please update ASAP.

Not Working

This is a very good app that could be excellent however it does not work as advertised. Cannot access more than one bank, unable to assign bank alpha tags. Something to do with iOS upgrade. Shame

Not iOS8.1.1 compatible yet

Ugh. Cant switch banks or access settings now. It used to be great. Delay downloading if you can until glitches are fixed.

was great before iOS8

I can no longer change Banks or access settings. It is like the bottom bar is frozen. Have quit, restarted, redownloaded. Bummed. I liked this Apps because of the 4 Banks.

The best with one exception

By far the best scanner for iOS except that you cannot switch out of Bank 1 after the update to iOS 8.1.1. Once that is fixed, Ill return to 5 stars.

Used to be a Great App

I work as a Dispatcher. This was a Great App because it would Scan and you could switch Banks to listen to other Agencys. Now you cant rename or switch banks Hopefully theyll fix this!!

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